Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Faces - Venezuelan Art Exhibition

The exhibition entitled "Faces" is an initiative of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Malaysia, and is an essential segment of the 9th Venezuelan Week in this country. It is composed by the collections of young Venezuelan artists, graduated from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in various modalities. Venezuela is a reservoir and a cultural incubator that has generated large and recognizable figures in music, in literature and in fine arts.

In this occasion, the forefront of artistic creation reaches a peak with the proposals by Randy Alcala, Sebastian Guzman and Erick Alcala, who have worked in this collection, from their different personal optics, resulting in the framework of a single concept. In Spanish, "Faces" means “caras”, revealing the visage. When we face, we show ourselves to the others, thus the communication transcends. The fine arts, and other cultural expressions are aimed, first and last, to communicate, to inform, to convey. It makes genuine the transcendence of the artist as a creator. Also at this exhibition, David Granadillo will present a series of photos that reflect the faces of the people of Malaysia.

In this collection, the artistic works invite to think, to reflect. They have a high content of rebellion and self-determination. Breaking established rules, it is self-sustaining in inner voices. It is rustic in its genesis and achieves the refinement through all the studies and techniques learned.

The works have been created in the presence of the light, white is the embryo and serves to find their own shadows. It also contains the necessary ingredients to give way to hope, to begin a journey to the world view, man and his environment, man and the world, the man trying to avoid the desert wilderness, struggling to escape the sterility of earth. Light travels faster than sound, but the sound respects its own footsteps. Enrique Rey has designed an unprecedented format to present the sound as an ally of light. The works are not displayed by themselves in this collection. They need to be heard. The eyes do not hear, therefore, prepare your ears to hear what the paintings are telling us.
This activity serves to promote once again, our cultural talents, especially in 2014, when Venezuela celebrates the International Year of the Venezuelan Youth.

Enrique Gonzalez Kong

Curator of Fine Art Works

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