Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gastronomic Festival - “Malaysia tastes like Venezuela"

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The Gastronomic Festival, "Malaysia tastes like Venezuela" was officially opened last night at the colourful setting in Serena Brasserie, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur.

Chef Adrian Yanez is here!
All Rights Reserved © 2014
All Rights Reserved © 2014

The Gastronomic Festival offers food lovers two sets of menu to enjoy the  variety of the Venezuelan dishes.

Menu 1
Bread - Pan de maíz (Corn bread)

Venezuelan pumpkin & mandarin soup with beef bacon & feta cheese

Vuelve a la vida (Seafood vinaigrette salad)
Ensalada de pollo (Cold chicken salad)
Venezuelan avocado salad
Chickpeas salad

Main course
Asado negro (Blackened roast beef)
Lamb in coconut curry sauce
Pebre de pollo (Chicken and vegetables stew)
Escabeche de atún y citricos (Tuna vinaigrette citric salad) - Cold dish
Carne fría con salsa verde, papas, cilantro y aguacate (Cold roast beef with green sauce, potatoes, coriander and avocado) - Cold dish
Arroz con pasas, almendras y spring onion (Almond and raisin rice with leek)

Negro en camisa (Black chocolate monten with hazelnut crème anglaise)
Quesillo de piña (Pineapple pudding)
Tres leches (Three milks cake with Italian meringue)
Manjar de toronja con almíbar de naranja (Grapefruit pudding with orange syrup)


Menu 2
Bread - pan aliñado con ajo asado, pimentón y aceitunas negras (Roasted garlic, red capsicums and black olives bread)

Fosforera (Seafood soup)

Ensalada rallada con chip de plátano (Carrot and cabbage salad with green plantain chips)
Ensalada de papa con vainita y perejil (Potato salad with green beans and parsley)
Pico e gallo (Tomato, onion, avocado and coriander salad)
Ensalada de remolacha, zanahoria,cebolla, huevo y perejil (Carrot, beet, onion and egg salad)

Main course
Tarkarí de cordero (Spicy lamb stew with yellow curry)
Corbullón de Mero (Mere stew in creole tomato sauce) - Fish
Pelao guayanés (Soupy rice chicken with green olives and capers)
Carne mechada (Venezuelan shredded beef)
Dulce de plátano (Stuffed sweet plantain)
Puré de papas (Mashed potatoes)

Bienmesabe (Coconut cream cake)
Torta de pan (Venezuelan bread cake pudding)
Juan sabroso (Sweet potato pudding with coconut and ginger)
Merengon de guanábana (Sour sop meringue cake)

To have a taste of these delicious Venezuelan dishes, head on down to Serena Brasserie, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur from 13 to 19 October 2014! Nos vemos!
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  1. Hello. Please, could you tell me if I can repost your images on my food blog. I´m venezuelan journalist and cook. Thanks!