Sunday, September 28, 2014

Venezuela Celebrity Chef - Adrian Yanez

Chef Adrian Yanez is a graduate of the Centre of Gastronomic Studies (CEGA), where he served as a professor and head of the kitchen when he was barely 26 years old, becoming one of the prominent voices in the Venezuelan gastronomic events. 
Today his name is associated with the creole cuisine, which has always been very close to him. While growing up with his grandmother, an excellent Andean cook, he had begun learning the secrets of the kitchen without realizing it. 

Growing up he was forced to improve this ability due to his responsibilities. His mother was a doctor and he was in charge of preparing her meals, although back then he never thought that one day he will be able to expand his skill 

After completing his studies in sociology in the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB), he decided to switched his career path and embark in a new endeavour to work as a cook. He began as an Assistant and after four years, decided to academically transfer what he had learned into practice, and enrolled in CEGA. After classes, he would work in various establishments between Venezuela and Peru. Then, he was contacted by CEGA to work as a temporary replacement, where he eventually stayed as a pastry chef and then went on to be the head chef.

In addition to his work there, Chef Adrian also manages a catering company called Ceviche 2.0, which offers food based around the famous Peruvian dish. He also took part in the Sazón group Tour, who travels through Venezuela to boost the regional cuisines and local talent of each zone. 

He is currently the chef of the restaurant La Rumba, located in Hua Hin, Thailand. It is the single Venezuelan restaurant in Southeast Asia, which he has escaped for 10 days; just to delight Malaysians with his creole cuisine.

He will be at hand to offer his expertise at the Hotel Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur through the gastronomic festival “Malaysia tastes like Venezuela”. Chef Adrian will present a range of typical Venezuelan food such as Lamb Tarkarí (Spicy Lamb Stew), Mere Corbullon, Fosforera and Asado Negro, a delicious staple food of Venezuelan cuisine made with beef requiring slow cooking in order for the meat to be very juicy and tender, coated with a sweet dark sauce filled with flavour and irresistible aroma.

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