Sunday, October 18, 2015

Simón Rodríguez (Samuel Robinson)

Simon Rodriguez (Caracas, Venezuela, October 28, 1771 / Paita, Peru, February 28, 1854) has been missing from Venezuelan official history for some time. He was named "Quirky Loco", who designed one of the most revolutionary and innovative educational plans of the nineteenth century. He was inspired by Samuel the prophet and Robinson the literary character, a pseudonym he used for some time. He felt like a castaway at that time, and at the end of his days, he was a candle maker. Why? they asked. “Because otherwise I cannot enlighten our Americas”, he said. The Bolivarian Venezuela of this time finds lights in his teachings. President Hugo Chavez, always quoted Rodriguez to support this new, revolutionary project of the XXI century: 'Either we invent or we err’, said that genius, master of Simon Bolivar in the same Bolivarian ideology in which the South Americans feel like a new human race. Simon Rodriguez, along with Francisco de Miranda, Ezequiel Zamora and the Liberator Simon Bolivar, are the four historical pillars on which the Bolivarian Revolution is founded.

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