Monday, October 12, 2015

Fashion Designer Maritza Gil

Maritza  Gil  is  a  Venezuelan  Fashion  designer  whose background  has  been  admired  by  many  around  the world.   Her  previous  studies  were  from  the  design school Monseñor de Talavera in Venezuela and also she completed  a  diploma  in  Fashion  Countenance  in Mexico. She  won several  prizes  such  as  the  ‘Best  Print  Design’ competition at the Fashion Feast and she participated in a  few  competitions in "Kingdom  of  Bahrain.  Also  she organized  many  different  fashion  shows  around the world in places such as Venezuela, Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Mexico,  and Malaysia leaving a piece of her art work  throughout  her  journey  the  designer  has  also her  own  Fashion  Event  company where she teaches models of the principles in the fashion industry. Coming from a country where beauty queens are well-know, Maritza Gil has the expertise and  customs  of  the  Latin  Women,  and  on  the  10th Venezuelan  Week  we  will  have  the honour to experience her new collection of ‘Mantas Guajiras’ which is a traditional dress that has been modernized by her.

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