Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nelson González - Cuatrista

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Nelson González is a Valencian cuatrista who was granted First Place Winner of La Siembra del Cuatro 2012 award held in Venezuela. This musical event has boosted the careers of many talents in the country who now have an important place in international musicology.

With just five years of age, González took first cuatro, tuned it and started to get interested in the interpretation of this instrument which since then accompanies him. He ensures that his best teacher was the CD, because since childhood he took Venezuelan music discs from his parents and tried to reproduce the sounds of the cuatro. He then began to attend workshops and concerts, and at the age of 13, he began to work as a soloist.

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Nelson says that "the cuatro is our country", because in the melodies emanating this instrument is a reflection of the nation. The cuatro not only represents his inspiration to create music, but it is the standard of popular Venezuelan culture.

"The cuatro it is a national symbol and proof of this is that it is in most Venezuelan households even to accompany a birthday or for serenades, and it is present in most of the country's popular demonstrations," he said.

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