Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chef Tamara is back for the Gastronomic Festival!

Combining 20 years of journalism and her passion for cooking, celebrity chef Tamara Rodriguez is a firm believer in general education and has committed herself to lecturing on gastronomy at local universities in Venezuela while actively reaching out to encourage the public to participate in the use of cocoa in cooking.

She also has merged ‘communication with cooking’ by operating her own radio station for her community, a fishing village in Rio Caribe. The radio station airs programmes on cooking, health and communal subjects targeted at helping the villagers cope with the challenges of daily life and a special programme on the preservation of education to benefit the youth. 

Tamara’s roots in local culinary cooking remains deeply entrenched as many of her recipes reflect a legacy of Venezuelan cuisine that has been handed down by her forefathers. Delicious platters with an amalgamation of Spanish, Portuguese, French and Caribbean tastes flavoured with an authentic blend Venezuelan cocoa and spices are Tamara signature in her dishes. 

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