Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Huascar Barradas

Huáscar Barradas is a Venezuelan flutist and professor at the "Instituto Universitario de Estudios Musicales" in Caracas. He has represented Venezuela in many international festivals and as both soloist and symphonic musician, playing a wide range of music genres.

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As a professor, he previously worked at the National Youth Orchestra of Venezuela and taught a course called “The art of performing the flute” in various parts of the South American country.

He was also the principal assistant flutist of the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra and the National Philharmonic Orchestra, and now occupies the same position at the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Caracas.

A world class artist, he has been able to seduce music lovers, with his marvellous and unique style. Huascar is changing the contemporary Latin music scene by revolutionizing the global musical space, with a vanguard approach. He is one of the creators of the new Venezuelan sound called Neo-folklore.

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His rendition of My Favorite Things brings unimaginable versions of universal music classics, creative compositions, inventive arrangements, virtuoso performances with Latin fire and passion in every musical note.

The prestigious German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung wrote:”Mr. Barradas transported us to the expressive spectrum of the flute, beyond of what our European ears are used to. He shined with absolute rhythmic precision and virtuosity”

With over 100 concerts worldwide every year, and more than 100,000 copies sold in his native Venezuela, he has represented Venezuela at important festivals such as Radio France et Montpellier Festival, European Flute Festival of Frankfurt, Expo-Hannover 2000, National Flute Association Convention 2000, the International Contemporary Music Festival of Bogotá, International Festival of Folklore in Turkey, 1st Latin American Flute Convention in Caracas, XII International Music Convention of Medellin, among others.

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A Latin Grammy nominee for the category for Best Long Form Video in 2011, Huascar has also produced six CDs with his Venezuelan music band “Huáscar Barradas y Maracaibo”. In addition to it, he has recorded as soloist with the National Philharmonic Orchestra the piece specially written for him by the Venezuelan composer Domingo Sánchez Bor, “Viaje de la Jirafa” (Journey of the Giraffe).

More info at http://www.huascarbarradas.com/aboutus.asp


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